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Company History

1991 LiYe is established in XinZhuang and provided imported press maintenance services to small factories.

1996 LiYe Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded and started to produce Gap frame high speed press MX-series.

1997 LiYe started to produce Straight slide high speed press MT-series.

1998 Implemented Operation Quality Control. It improves the Production Management, assures production quality and increase manufacturing efficiency.

1999 Research and development Dept. began to adapt AutoCAD. LiYe computerized all information processing and products designing. It greatly improve our design ability and operation efficiency.

2000 Purchased new manufacturing and instrumental devices - Dynamic Displacement Data Acquisition System, Load monitoring system. It guarantees the quality of our presses and made LiYe a trustworthy company among customers.

2001 Touch screen technology has been incorporated into press control system and it dramatically ease the control of our presses and increase it's value.

2004 Moved to new factory and purchased new devices. LiYe expanded its business and increased our production rate.
2008 Research and development Dept began to adapt Autodesk Inventor 3D CAD software. It dramatically improve our design efficiency. The 3D Structure and Mechanism Analysis can reduce defect rate in design phase and allow LiYe continuously develop best products.